Its easy to think and dream about anything. The real thing is to get ahead and do it. After planning a lot about what to write i finally decided to just write. Once you start, once you are in the flow, all the ideas come tumbling.

To be in the flow is the best possible use of our time on earth.

Why in the world should one have a blog?

Blogging has emerged from a platform to rant and rave to being a big business or creating Internet memes in the world. This is further amplified with the marriage of Social Media, spawned the SEO, Internet Marketing industry.

Today its not the technology that matters, but the impact it creates. I believe technology should be used to make a change wherever we are. Whatever you do.

I made my first blog post in 2001 long before the concept of blogging came in to vogue. I like to be on the fringe,explore new frontiers and keep experimenting. I still keep trying out new things. You can come back here to find more on my explorations.

First Blog Post

My first Twitter Update:

Every thing the “first time” is always special. My first blog post has made me cherish my first steps on the internet. One more benefit of blogging…eh.


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