Posted in December, 2011

I have been evangelizing collaboration among Government Officers. Here is one more reason why we should collaborate or perish. If protestors can and will collaborate why not the Governance professionals. To start collaborating log in to and share…… Let someone not reinvent the wheel…. share your know how here.

I made a blog for myself in the fag end of 2011. I am excited about what’s in store in 2012. To make the most of it  is my first resolution for 2012. I have not made any new year resolution so far simply because I never kept them. This time I mean to keep […]

Its easy to think and dream about anything. The real thing is to get ahead and do it. After planning a lot about what to write i finally decided to just write. Once you start, once you are in the flow, all the ideas come tumbling. To be in the flow is the best possible […]